About Us

The South Coast Crew SMC was proudly established on May 1, 2020.

The South Coast Crew (SCC) is a family friendly, fully independent, non religious,
non political, not for profit, SMC with the Club moto 'Brotherhood & Respect'.

The main aim of SCC is to provide an environment with a family feel for
those that share the love of motorcycle riding and the sense of Brotherhood
and respect that being apart of a close knit Club brings. We actively
encourage the involvement of Members, their families and all supporters that
wish to be involved with the Club on an informal basis.

The SCC also has a charity focus and will be proudly be working to raise
funds for Domestic Violence Awareness, Mental Health & Legacy.
Legacy is a charity that provides services to current and
past Australian Defence Force Members and their families suffering after an
injury or the death of a spouse or parent, during or after their service.

As a Club, we host regular 'open rides' in which riders of all make, models
and levels of experience are welcome to join us. We aim to provide an
environment in which riders feel safe to ride within their abilities, and for
novice riders, the opportunity to learn from those with more experience. The
requirements to come on our rides are that riders have the correct licence for
their motorcycle, that the motorcycle is in a roadworthy condition and riders
follow and respect the instructions given by Members of the SCC during the
ride. Please note: The South Coast Crew SMC, specifically its Founders
and Members do not accept any liability for any damage, loss, injury, or
death that may occur prior, during or after a Club rides. The rider accepts all

For those that may wish to become Members of Club the stages and
process of becoming a Member are: 

- Ride with the Club for a minimum 3 months.
- Nom period of a minimum 3 months.
- Probationary Member for a minimum of 6 months.
- Full Member. 

Progressing through the Membership stages is based on how well a person
gets on with all Club Members and a successful Club vote. To maintain
membership all we ask is that Members do their best to foster the bonds of
'Brotherhood & Respect' by keeping in touch with each other, staying active
on this social page and coming on monthly Club rides. Obviously we
respect that family and work commitments have priority but if a Member
cannot make a ride simply let the organiser know.

The SCC has a fantastic merchandise range available to everyone. This
includes Members, partners, kids, and Supporters. We want to get the name
out there. At times, Member only merchandise may come available and this
will be clearly communicated. The SCC believes that what distinguishes
Members from everyone else is not the merchandise but their Club vest and
the fact it has to be earned.


Brownie & Goldie
National President & Vice President
South Coast Crew
About Us